Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there!

I thought the first post should be some sort of introduction to explain what you should expect from this blog. I will be documenting the development of my video game. I will try to post twice a week describing things I’m working on at the moment, ideas of possible features, or just related ideas. For now the goal is not to gather attention for funding, but to get feedback to guide the game into the right direction.

Ok, I should write a couple of words about the game. The core gameplay is stealth-action from a top down perspective. By core I mean, that when designing the game I’m trying to think in layers. The core gameplay could be considered the bottom layer, and everything that is added is another layer on top of that. So another layer could be more complex feature set for the stealth gameplay, but also the addition of a GTA style open world connecting the stealth missions.
So to sum it up the minimal goal is a series of stealth action missions, and the best case scenario is those missions tied together by detailed world, story, and characters.

I will try to keep the posts short, so I won’t go into too much of the details now. Also I hope that I will get some input from readers, and that you will help me shape the details. In the next post, which should be out on thursday, I will write a bit more about my plans for the features though and about how I selected the game engine. If you are somewhat familiar with the current game engine landscape, you can probably guess which one I have chosen. Otherwise this will be the cliffhanger that will bring you back on thursday. If you have any questions, or if there is anything you think should be clarified, please post it in the comments. Meanwhile I will try to work a bit on my punctuation.



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