Just a quick update

Hello programs!

Originally I wrote, I would update regularly twice a week. However I’m changing the plan. No regular updates. There aren’t many people following, or reading this so I won’t disappoint a lot of folks.

It does take time to write anything, especially if I don’t really have the result of my work in a form I could show. So instead of trying to produce something by the time I would have to post, I’ll be working on the things that are the most reasonable atm.

I have been very busy working on steering behaviours for my AI. I have a lot of basic things like seek, evade, pursue, and followpath ready. No method for blending the results yet. Also the complicated stuff like collision avoidance is still to come. The book I have has very nice description of the algorithms and great pseudo code, implementing it into Unity is a lot of fun.

I’m also working on a high level design document. Not much to say about that. It’s not bad, but It’s hard to work on it when the programming is so much more exciting.

That’s it anyway. Bye!


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