SimpleSteer error fix #1

Hello there!

A user reported an error to me that pretty much rendered the SphericalAvoidance and Separation behaviours useless. I fixed it and all the download links have been updated. Thank you very much for your help, Dan.

The problem was that the function the SteeringSensor was trying to call was still in the Separation and SphericalAvoidance classes from an earlier version, when they were separate script components of the agent. I reorganized things so that they are part of the AIMotor now. The AIMotor registers the obstacles and stores them in the avoidanceObstacles and separationObstacles arrays and passes them to the behaviours.

I apologize to anyone who tried SimpleSteer and had to face such a blatant error. It’s not a commercial product, but such things are very annoying since you can waste your time on something that just doesn’t work. Please, if you find any problems report them to me! I would really like to supply a useable solution for AI steering even if it’s not a professional one.



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