It’s been a while

Hi dear reader,

how are you? I don’t know who you might be, but I hope you are really doing amazing.

Although I did work a bit on games I have been busy with general programming stuff. Mostly .NET. I’m learning WPF and ASP.NET. It’s pretty cool technology actually, something that might shock the M$ haters.

Unfortunately the biggest problem with WPF is that is only available for Win OS. I have been looking around for similar technology that is cross-platform and maybe it’s Qt, but I’m not sure. The thing I like about WPF the most is that the layout stuff is done in XAML. Layout should always be done in some declarative markup language imo, it’s so much easier. The other benefit is the clear separation of UI and the actual program.

Well whatever I’m reconsidering what my stealth game should actually be like so I can’t really write about it much. I’m working on a smaller project if I have time, a music game. I will post about it I hope. I’m also updating SimpleSteer so version 0.7 should come out soon. I’m changing it so that it can be used easily both for rigidbody agents and non-rigidbody agents. It will still apply acceleration in a 2D plane, but changing the global up axis will be an option too. I’m doing this because I need it right now. Pretty selfish I know.

I’m also trying to improve the comments in the process and there will be some form of documentation update as well. Maybe if it hits some standard I might send it in to the asset store, but it’s not a priority.

Oh yeah Unity4 is out, how cool is that? They rewrote the GUI stuff but the actual big update in GUI design will only come later which is too bad. I haven’t tried or read about the character animation system at all, I’m sure it’s great. But the best of all is Linux support.

I have been checking out the NeoAxis Engine. The rendering engine is based on Ogre, it has X and ODE for PhysX, some good editors, and you can try it out for free for an unlimited time. The indie license is pretty cheap too. I liked it a lot but it’s done by a small team and it shows in the documentation. The community is kinda small as well and I did not like the API that much. Right now I’m back to Unity, I have some ideas for visual trickery for the prototype of that music game. Anyway I recommend NeoAxis to anyone who wants to try a really high quality engine for some small budget game.

Wow such a long post, good job me! Bye!


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