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Stealth Game demo

Hello there!

I have been working on multiple demos lately. Today I uploaded the latest demo of my stealth game, called Stealth Game for now. It’s a simple scene with a couple of AI agents moving around between set checkpoints.

You can see the demo here.

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3 hour game design challenge

Hello reader!

I was pretty burned out on SimpleSteer lately so I had an idea to make things a little more interesting. I had this concept in my head of a 3D point and click adventure game. Well not really the whole game, just a bit of the basic mechanics of it. So one day I got back from playing football (the European version) and after dinner and all I had still 3 hours left till midnight.

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Wall or corner avoidance

Let’s start with a demo of the new wall avoidance behaviour, alright? Let’s.

  • the first scene shows what would happen with no wall avoidance
  • 2nd and 3rd scenes show the additive and the cross product method with a constant acceleration
  • the 4th and 5th show the additive and the cross product method with increasing acceleration
  • you can switch between the scenes with the keys 1 – 5 on your keyboard
  • more details below

Wall avoidance demo

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First of all new demo of SimpleSteer:

SimpleSteer Demo

This demonstration is supposed to showcase a more complicated movement. Each of the agents has a route of four checkpoints. In demo they move from one checkpoint to the next in a set order, but this can be changed easily because it is handled by a route manager component. Read More…

Weighted blending vs priority groups

Before I go on with the Path follow conundrum, I have a really small demo to show. These basically evolve as I try different techniques and test them. Now that I have a number of working steering behaviours to choose from, I have been trying out mixing techniques again. Read More…

Playful intermission

Well it isn’t really playable, but it’s partly interactive.

I thought it would be nice to have a small pause before I continue my musings on path follow behaviours. Click on the link to see a demo of  pathfollow and spherical avoidance (aka collision avoidance). Read More…

Not exactly a breakthrough…

… but some progress.

After putting more time in my steering project, things seem to fall into their place slowly.

I have created some AIBrain and AIMotor scripts for testing. The first is where decisions are made. At the moment this means calling one function from AIMotor and passing it the goal for pathfinding. The AIMotor then performs the pathfinding sets the correct Vector3 array with the node coordinates of the path. When this array isn’t null movement automatically begins. This might not be the best solution, but that is what I came up with for now. Read More…