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It’s been a while

Hi dear reader,

how are you? I don’t know who you might be, but I hope you are really doing amazing.

Although I did work a bit on games I have been busy with general programming stuff. Mostly .NET. I’m learning WPF and ASP.NET. It’s pretty cool technology actually, something that might shock the M$ haters.

Unfortunately the biggest problem with WPF is that is only available for Win OS. I have been looking around for similar technology that is cross-platform and maybe it’s Qt, but I’m not sure. The thing I like about WPF the most is that the layout stuff is done in XAML. Layout should always be done in some declarative markup language imo, it’s so much easier. The other benefit is the clear separation of UI and the actual program. Read More…


3 hour game design challenge

Hello reader!

I was pretty burned out on SimpleSteer lately so I had an idea to make things a little more interesting. I had this concept in my head of a 3D point and click adventure game. Well not really the whole game, just a bit of the basic mechanics of it. So one day I got back from playing football (the European version) and after dinner and all I had still 3 hours left till midnight.

Read More…

The first update

Testing the AI’s patrolling behaviour.

Hello again!

To make things a little more interesting, I thought for a start I’ll add a screenshot to every post.  Also The post will have a set structure. Something like this:

  • general news and changes
  • things I’ve been working on
  • ideas of gameplay
  • rambling (optional)

So this was the news and changes section. Let’s move on to things I’ve been working on. Read More…

Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello there!

I thought the first post should be some sort of introduction to explain what you should expect from this blog. I will be documenting the development of my video game. I will try to post twice a week describing things I’m working on at the moment, ideas of possible features, or just related ideas. For now the goal is not to gather attention for funding, but to get feedback to guide the game into the right direction. Read More…