If there is anything you might want to contact me about, you can do so by writing me an email, or leaving a comment here.


2 responses to “Contact”

  1. Joseph says :

    I’ve been wondering why you have stopped posting on your site “one tiny leap”. I had been following the development of your simplesteer and was (and still am) very interested in it’s full development. Will you be continuing that project or are you abandoning the project?

    • onetinyleap says :

      Hi! I’ve been spending a lot of time digging deeper into .Net, and non-gamedev related topics like ASP.NET and WPF. I will go on with the SimpleSteer project though.
      It wasn’t a priority since I kind of figured there isn’t much need for it since I received almost no feedback at all. I’m happy to hear you’re interested, it will push me towards spending some time extending the documentation of the current state and then go on with development.
      What would you be interested in more improved documentation, or the improvement of the software?

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