Point and Click demo is up too

Another very short post. I uploaded the point and click demo I mentioned recently. You can read about it a bit here and play it too by clicking the link.

Enjoy and have a nice day!


SimpleSteer version 0.6 released

I released SimpleSteer yesterday. It’s version number should probably be closer to 1.0, but I’ll stick with it for now. The code is fairly well commented imo. It also has the first piece of documentation and an example project released. I’ll be updating these as soon as possible, but it’s probably enough to get started. I hope some people will give it a try and that it will be improved by their feedback. I’m kind of proud of it.

Have a nice day!

3 hour game design challenge

Hello reader!

I was pretty burned out on SimpleSteer lately so I had an idea to make things a little more interesting. I had this concept in my head of a 3D point and click adventure game. Well not really the whole game, just a bit of the basic mechanics of it. So one day I got back from playing football (the European version) and after dinner and all I had still 3 hours left till midnight.

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Wall or corner avoidance

Let’s start with a demo of the new wall avoidance behaviour, alright? Let’s.

  • the first scene shows what would happen with no wall avoidance
  • 2nd and 3rd scenes show the additive and the cross product method with a constant acceleration
  • the 4th and 5th show the additive and the cross product method with increasing acceleration
  • you can switch between the scenes with the keys 1 – 5 on your keyboard
  • more details below

Wall avoidance demo

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First of all new demo of SimpleSteer:

SimpleSteer Demo

This demonstration is supposed to showcase a more complicated movement. Each of the agents has a route of four checkpoints. In demo they move from one checkpoint to the next in a set order, but this can be changed easily because it is handled by a route manager component. Read More…

The path follow conundrum (part 2)

So here we go again.

To combat backtracking my first idea was to change the agent’s arrival condition so that we would always consider the closest path node as the current node. However this has a side effect. Essentially, as the picture illustrates, this will be very similar to the previous implementation with changing, but alway relatively big node radii. This will result in unreliable and uncontrollable corner cutting behaviour. I can hardly see the use for such a path follow behaviour.

using closest node as current node

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Weighted blending vs priority groups

Before I go on with the Path follow conundrum, I have a really small demo to show. These basically evolve as I try different techniques and test them. Now that I have a number of working steering behaviours to choose from, I have been trying out mixing techniques again. Read More…